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The Machine vs. Donald Trump

I’ve been listening to all the noise being made in the Republican ‘power circles’ about Donald Trump–specifically, how they were going to control, discredit, beat and tarnish him. Apparently, The Machine doesn’t like the fact that citizens have had enough of Establishment politics.

I was scanning through talk radio stations on my way home, this evening, and I stumbled upon the Ben Ferguson Show. As I listened to this CNN political commentator attempt to do a hatchet job on Trump, I felt compelled to write about the nonsense Mr. Ferguson was spewing.

Mr. Ferguson (hereafter to be referred to as “BF”) stated that several polls had Trump losing by the largest margin of any Republican candidate, and that Jeb Bush was the only one that appeared to even come close to beating Hillary. (Liberals love liberal Bush.)

If that’s the case, he’s arguing that you should pick someone else, because the margin of defeat would be smaller. In other words, “Choose that other guy, because he won’t get beat as bad.” A beating is a beating. Debating the margin of defeat is just another defeat–and a complete waste of time.

First of all, where do these polls originate? Polls don’t mean squat, because it all depends on the target audience polled. If I want support for a liberal issue, I can find several polls that favor that view, because of where they were taken. Same goes for a conservative issue. When people start spouting off about polls, tune-out. Another waste of time.

Second, if all BF’s polling data states that basically all Republicans would lose, regardless of candidate, why is he worried about whether or not Trump is chosen? Wouldn’t that be better for him and the Commies at CNN? But that’s the point; this is all a mind job, aimed at getting people to change their minds about Trump! The Machine is nervous because the level of support for Trump is so high, and this guy can’t be controlled, so they are working overtime to get you to believe that if he loses, it’s legitimate and not rigged. (But we know better.)

Third, and probably the biggest thing is this: BF was beating up on Trump, because he wouldn’t commit to not running as an Independent if he doesn’t get the Republican nomination. The other candidates, and the Powers That Be were hoping that question–a question that singled Trump out–would cast Trump as an outsider who wouldn’t support his own, if he lost.

Basically, here’s the way you should see that: All week, the Republican powers were scheming–and advertising–that they were going after Trump. They did their best to destroy his candidacy, yet they had the nerve to demand his support if he loses. Seriously?!

In other words, “Mr. Trump, we have done our best to discredit, beat, ridicule, scheme against you and control you, but will you pledge to support one of us if you don’t win the nomination? Keep in mind, if you don’t, we will make you look like an outsider who doesn’t support the Republican voters.” And for BF to harp on this just shows his bias.

Folks, if anyone bullies you, and attempts to destroy you, they don’t deserve anything from you except a strong defense and return fire!

Regrettably, I was once a part of this political process. I thought I could make a difference from the inside. I was wrong. I saw the rigging going on, so I got out–and I vowed to spread the word and hopefully convince people that this was all just a rigged Bread & Circus, Dog & Pony Show.

Even though I will never again participate in this joke of an “election” and slavery system, I can’t help but feel compelled to show people how the Establishment continually attempts to manipulate them through biased news and false news stories. This was one of those moments.

Don’t buy into it. Don’t participate in slavery rituals, a.k.a. “elections” (selections). And learn the tricks and tactics of those who would do you harm.