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The Fairness Doctrine

The “Fairness Doctrine” is being pushed by liberals/progressives/socialists, because they feel that their views aren’t being given fair coverage in talk radio. The policy would mandate that conservative talk radio give equal time to the opposing viewpoints.

It doesn’t matter that the socialist viewpoint overwhelmingly rules television networks and the vast majority of newspapers. No, they have to have it all.

A liberal talk radio network was tried, and it went into bankruptcy, because you can’t expect people who are looking for a handout to financially support that kind of business. Because the venture tanked, socialists have to use force to get their views heard where they aren’t welcome.

So, with all this “fairness” in mind, I have one question: Will equal time be given to the anarchist view that opposes both liberal and conservative viewpoints, or does “fairness” only apply to liberals and conservatives? Since we are trying to be “fair,” shouldn’t equal time be given to the view that this liberal/conservative, Republican/Democrat institution of slavery and theft should not exist, in the first place?

If this (horrid, ridiculous, freedom-trampling, radio welfare handout) measure passes, I’ll be waiting for the invitation to use their own policy of forced inclusion against them by using common sense to mop the floor with all of their Establishment ideas – live, on-air.


Tricks of the Trade

“If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” I couldn’t agree more.

For instance, I regularly hear car dealerships advertise in their TV and radio ads that “all credit applications will be accepted!” Sounds great, right?

Of course, the dealership will accept all credit applications, but that doesn’t mean that they will approve them. There’s a big difference between taking your application when you turn it in and approving it because you meet the criteria for receiving a loan. I refuse to do business with any company who uses that slick business tactic.

Another thing I have noticed is “unique,” one-of-a-kind t-shirts. The producing company states that it is a unique shirt that is unlike the others that are similar in design.

In my experience, the “unique, one-of-a-kind” properties come from a crease being present in the fabric when the decal was applied, a blemish in the cloth’s coloring due to a factory error, the decal being off-center or slanted, or some other production mistake. Instead of throwing the lower-quality shirts out, and eating the cost, some companies try to sell them as “unique.”

Another thing that irritates me is “price and participation may vary.” In other words, not all of our stores are going to offer you what we just showed you in our ad, and if they do they might not sell it to you at the sale price we just advertised.

Rebates drive me absolutely nuts, too, for several reasons – and if I walk into a store and see that the “sale price” of a particular product depends on a mail-in rebate, I usually walk out without buying the item.

If a business wants to give me a sale price, just give me the sale price at checkout instead of requiring me to fill out specially-approved forms, give out my personal information, send a copy of my receipt, trust the postal service to deliver it, and then typically wait several months for a rebate check that might never arrive. Businesses use rebates, instead of in-store sale prices, because they know that many people won’t send in the rebate forms and claim the rebate money, for various reasons (lost rebate form or receipt, too much hassle, etc.), and they can potentially profit from those who do.

If you happen to be one of those who actually sends your paperwork off to get a rebate, the company may rent, sell, share, trade or otherwise transfer your personal information to other companies and affiliates so they can send you spam and crap mail, clogging up your mailboxes with unwanted advertisements and solicitations.

In addition to the examples mentioned above, be wary of offers that give you a special price for a limited period of time. Some of these promotional packages will lock you into 2 year contracts and charge you an outrageous monthly fee after the promotional period is over.

In any type of business transaction, always read the fine print and details and know what you’re getting into.


AIG Bonuses & Government

Concerning the bailouts, and current “outrage” over AIG compensation packages, I have to say that I’m surprised by the people who pushed for these bailouts, since they voted for the legislation that protects the compensation packages. If they say they didn’t know, or didn’t read the legislation before voting on it, they should be removed from office for incompetence.

Barney Franks says that the money should be taken and given back to the rightful owners, “The People” – but if The People are the rightful owners of the money, where did he get the idea that he and his government partners in crime could take the money, and then give it to someone else, in the first place? Either Barney Frank is lacking in the intelligence department, or he’s simply a political game player and opportunist. I tend to believe it’s a combination of the two.

The country seems to be up in arms over how the money is being used, where it’s going and who is getting it, when this massive transfer of wealth shouldn’t have happened in the first place!

Democrat officials, along with President Obama, have used the word “greed” in referencing the AIG situation, but it is liberal/socialist/progressive policy that is founded on greed and jealousy. Liberals/socialists/progressives use government to steal from those who are prosperous and successful, because they covet what others have accumulated. If that isn’t greed, I hope that someone will enlighten me.

When these people spout words like “greed” or “fair,” I think “hypocrite” and “thief” and tune them out. I can’t listen to their self-centered nonsense.

No one in the whole bailout mess is innocent – not government officials, not the businesses who received the stolen money and certainly not the majority of People who have allowed a system of institutionalized slavery and theft to develop and control every single aspect of our lives – so they should all shut up and stop playing the victim card and pointing fingers.

I hope someone will develop warp drive very soon, because I really want to get off this rock and colonize a far-away area of space with other non-self-destructive, enlightened, peaceful people.


Self-Defense & Pizza Hut

This week, in South Carolina, there was a story of a 43-year-old pizza delivery guy getting mugged. This is the initial statement he released to the media, in its entirety, according to WLTX TV 19:

My name is Christopher Miller, I am the Pizza Hut delivery driver that was robbed Saturday night and I would like to make the following statement.

I would like to tell the family of Paul Sturgill how very sorry I am about the death of their son. I cannot begin to imagine the pain that you are going through and for that I am deeply sorry.

When I arrived at the house I was confronted by four individuals, believing I was about to be robbed, I ran. All four individuals chased after me. After running about a hundred feet, Mr. Sturgill caught up to me, he jumped on top of me punching me several times in the face and head, I pushed him away but he continued to attack me. Knowing that the other three would soon arrive to help him and believing I would be gravely injured or even killed, I pulled my weapon and fired two shots in self defense. The other three ran off. I immediately called 911 from my cell phone and told the operator what happened and to send the police and an ambulance.

I believe that night all four of them meant to cause me serious harm and possible kill me. I have delivered pizzas on and off for ten years and have worked at the store in Irmo for the past four years and this is the third time I have been robbed delivering pizzas.

I am married with a five year old daughter and this whole ordeal has been very difficult for me and my family. However; I believe everyone has the right to defend themselves if their lives are threatened.

Thank you for your support and prayers.

And this is the second statement he released, according to WLTX 19:

My name is Christopher Miller; I am the driver who got robbed last Saturday. I would like to make the following statement regarding my leaving Pizza Hut.

I have read a lot of comments that have been posted on the websites and I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for your support; they have greatly encouraged me and my family through this very difficult time. I also ask that you have some sympathy and compassion for the family of the boy that died, they are suffering more than I, please keep them in your prayers. I have been delivering pizza on and off, both fulltime and part-time for 10 years and this is the third time I have been robbed. I have delivered for both Dominos and Pizza Hut and both companies have a no weapons policy. I advised my manager the night of the robbery that I will no longer work at Pizza Hut as a delivery driver. I knew after what happened that my career as a driver was over. I have read a lot of comments about boycotting Pizza Hut; I am asking that you to not do that. I ask you this because I have a lot of friends at that store and they are all good people and they need your support. I am friends with all the drivers there and they are very apprehensive about every delivery they take. Those drivers need the support of good customers. Instead of boycotting the store, I ask that you have your order delivered and thank the driver by giving them a good tip. I care for the people at that store and I don’t want them to be punished for something that is not their fault. Again, I thank you for your notes of support and encouragement, I am doing ok. I’m taking it one day at a time and I do have a fulltime job that helps support me.

First of all, all parties involved should be held personally responsible for their actions and positions.

The pizza guy should be held responsible for carrying a concealed weapon, in violation of the terms of his employment–but, to be clear, I would have done the exact same thing if I was in his shoes.

The robber got justice served hard and cold when he attacked the delivery guy. I see no need to cry over this person, when he attempted to harm and rob another person. And where were the parents of this 17-year-old minor, when all of this was going on?

The police should be held accountable for violating their own government policies, as recorded in the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution–not that we should have to get governmental permission to defend ourselves, in the first place.

If the delivery guy didn’t agree with the terms of his employment, he should have found another company for which to work. And if he couldn’t have found a company that would have let him carry a concealed, self-defense device, he could have chosen another line of work, or better yet he could have started an improved, competing company and driven his former employer out of the market.

As for the robber, if you don’t want to take a risk of getting shot you shouldn’t engage in using force against others.

Concerning the police…well, don’t even get me started on police and what they represent. This story wouldn’t even be news, if government officials respected their own self-proclaimed “Bill of Rights.”

In addition to everything else that has been stated about this situation, Pizza Hut (and Domino’s) should understand one huge point: If the majority of everyday people didn’t know about the no weapons policy before, surely many do, now – and that policy will potentially put more drivers in increased danger, since more would-be robbers have learned that pizza delivery drivers are not allowed to effectively defend themselves.

Finally, I don’t believe in rewarding these companies and their policies just because “good people” are still working there. These “good people” choose to remain at a place that forbids them from using effective self-defense, so they have to accept personal responsibility for ‘sinking with the ship’ due to any consumer backlash that may come.

Personally, I’m going to make a conscious effort to avoid ordering pizzas, because I don’t want to contribute to creating a need to have unprotected drivers on the streets risking their lives over boxed pizza pies.


Word of the Day II

The word of the day…

Unsustainable: Doesn’t fit into the UN’s enviro-communist agenda, and doesn’t support enviro-communist principles.


Watchmen: Very Dangerous

I watched the midnight showing of Watchmen, last night, and I enjoyed it. The characters were cool, acting was good, the hero chick was hot, and the storyline was unusual. Even so, I find myself not being able to recommend it to others, now that I have fully digested it.

For a movie that is supposed to be set on an alternate Earth, in 1985, the writers threw in a number of modern-day, liberal jabs that seemed to scorn the use of nuclear power, fossil fuels, and question the need for man to build more shopping malls. From what I remember, that was never in the original comic books.

In order to tell you how I really feel about the overall message and feel of this film, I will have to divulge plot elements, so…

SPOILER ALERT! If you don’t want to know anything about the plot of the movie, and how it ends, DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER. You have been warned.

The man who is supposed to be the smartest man on Earth, Ozymandias, devises a plan to blow up New York and blame it on Dr. Manhattan. Because of this trickery and manipulation, the USA and Russia end the Cold War – and the nuclear war that was about to erupt between them – in order to unite in peace against the new, common enemy: Dr. Manhattan.

Ozymandias states that the trickery – along with killing millions of people – was necessary to save mankind from itself. In true fascist form, for him the end justified the means, and in his view it was necessary to sacrifice a relatively small number of individuals for the good of the world and some perceived greater good.

The other heroes were reluctantly forced to go along with keeping the secret, to preserve the peace – except for Rorschach, who is killed by Dr. Manhattan for standing on principal and threatening to expose the truth.

As I watched the ending, I can remember “Oh…my…God…” escaping my lips. At that moment, Hitler’s action of burning down the Reichstag – and then blaming it on the opposition, so he could advance his agenda – came to mind.

September 11th also flashed through my head, along the statement that has been attributed to Henry Kissinger supposedly saying that an outside threat, such as an alien invasion – whether real or not – would cause the world to cry out for a world government to save them also jumped out to my attention.

The similarities were obvious: Some people feel that they are much smarter than the rest of us, so they feel justified in trying to dictate how we should live – even through lies or deadly force – in order to save us from our mistakes and silly ways.

In an age where people are rightfully worried about government controlling our thermostats, means of self-defense, food supplies, health care, information, wealth and possibly population, it is very dangerous to send a message of the end justifying the means, when so many lives are potentially at stake–and it is, for that reason, that I hesitate to recommend this film.