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Governor Mike Huckabee’s Gay Marriage Strawman

On his radio show, yesterday (03-25-13), former governor Mike Huckabee voiced strong opposition to gay marriage, because he says he is against “changing the definition of marriage” (“one man and one woman”).

When a caller pressed him by saying that another couple’s gay marriage did not affect governor Huckabee’s marriage, Mr. Huckabee became a little more animated and said that a gay couple’s marriage could indeed affect him.

Mr. Huckabee used a ‘what if’ (strawman) example of a priest hiring for a position in his church, saying–and I’m paraphrasing, here–that the priest couldn’t discriminate and might be forced to hire a gay person, in violation of the church’s stance on the subject.

Sorry, but another couple’s marital status isn’t what would be affecting him, the priest or anyone else; it is the anti-discrimination laws that are on the books that would affect them and force them to accept these things that they do not support, so their anger is misplaced. They should be focusing their anger toward their beloved government, not the peaceful people who simply want to have the same things that everyone else enjoys.

Mr. Huckabee seems to be angered by not being able to make his own choices, when it comes to relationships and associations, yet he would deny those very things to others with whom he disagrees. Where I come from, we call that “hypocrisy.”

But why anyone would push to have government regulate their marriage (family law), grant permission slips (marriage licenses), and have government be a third party to their marriage–complete with co-ownership of the “products” of the relationship (the children)–is beyond me.

Do I care for homosexuality or “gay marriage”? Nope, not at all. Definitely not my thing. I simply believe in freedom–of choice, association, everything. Get government out of marriage and we won’t have to deal with this type of divisive nonsense, any longer.