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Don’t come crying to me

I’m really getting tired of receiving messages asking me to support a group of people as they engage in acts of civil disobedience–or support them in court, afterward.

I have no problem with rebelling against illegitimate authority and government force. The problem I have is when people decide to purposely engage officers of the State, knowing that they will probably be manhandled and arrested. On top of placing themselves at the mercy of serial kidnappers, it’s another opportunity for the State to extract more wealth (fines). Sorry, but I have no sympathy for self-inflicted pain, and I fail to see how that is a win for the advancement of freedom.

If you don’t show up armed to the teeth, ready to fight back against those who would initiate force against you while you are peacefully going about your business, you’re wasting your time–and probably your money. Folks need to begin to understand that by taking a government job and initiating force against another person, they might get hurt–or worse. Government officials get away with what they do, mainly because they are not seriously challenged and therefore have no incentive to change.

No one wants things to escalate to the level of physical/armed conflict, so instead of giving the State more opportunities to jail and steal from activists, let’s do everything in our power to separate ourselves from government and work towards collapse. That means no more voting, no more support for politicians of ANY stripe, lowering our tax liability as much as possible (agorism, barter, black markets, etc. whenever possible), mutual aid and defense, and personal responsibility. Continuing to vote for politicians, and legitimizing their slavery systems, will never give you freedom.

If freedom is to come, it won’t be done by way of throwing yourself at Master’s agents and allowing them to lock you up and steal more wealth from you. If you aren’t prepared to fight back against aggression–and I mean really fight–STAY HOME. You will be more productive in educating others, and leading by example, than being locked away in a cage, out of sight.