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Internet Speedway Warning

I have been hearing a lot of radio commercials for Internet Speedway, and their “free” CD that will cost you nearly $10 to have shipped to your address, so I decided to do some background checking on the company.

The following alert was posted to the “Consumer Alerts for March 2009” section of the Better Business Bureau’s Eastern NC site:

“The Internet Speedway offers a business opportunity via television commercials.  They promote selling products on the Internet.  Products include health and beauty items, ladies and men’s apparel, jewelry, designer sunglasses, cookware, customer luggage equipment and sports apparel.  One consumer paid the initial $9.95 fee for the software and was then charged additional “hidden fees.”  Other complainants have alleged unauthorized withdrawals up to $347.75.  Over 340 complaints have been filed against this Arizona business, and they have the BBB’s lowest rating.”

I have also seen numerous posts on work-at-home forum pages telling others to avoid this business, calling it a “scam,” so I thought I’d share this information with all of you.

In tough economic times, it can be tempting to try something like Internet Speedway to make some extra money, but with “over 340 complaints” and “the BBB’s lowest rating,” I think I’ll stay far away from this one.