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Giving Back

A couple of years ago, “giving back” used to be a favorite socialist catch phrase. Today, it’s still often used to guilt-trip people with wealth into spreading it around or be labeled “greedy,” “uncaring,” “evil rich person,” etc.

I was recently reminded of the “giving back” stuff by the TV show, American Idol. While I fully and completely support private charity, I absolutely HATE the name that the show’s producers chose to name their operation: “Idol Gives Back.”

Pushing a person or company into “giving back” to the community seems to imply an inequity, theft or entitlement–and nothing could be further from the truth.

In any free exchange, all parties involved must be agreeable with the exchange and desire something that someone else has more than they want to keep what they currently have.

For instance, Bob wants a microwave oven so he runs down to the local department store to compare prices and models.

Looking through the available items, he finds a model that has a high power rating and energy efficiency. It also has time-saving features, such as one-touch settings for popcorn and soup, and it costs $49.99.

Bob decides that he wants the microwave more than he wants to hang on to $49.99, and the store wants 49 dollars and 49 cents more than it wants to keep a microwave oven on the shelf, so Bob and the store exchange money and goods.

Since both parties entered into the transaction voluntarily, and both decided they wanted what the other had more than what they were currently holding, why is it that the store then gets pressured into “giving back” to the community?

Some socialists say, “If it wasn’t for the people in the community buying things there, the department store wouldn’t be making any money.” To which I say, “If the department stores weren’t around, these people wouldn’t have the opportunity to purchase appliances, cleaning products, furniture, food, books, entertainment items, etc. to enhance and improve their lives.”

As you can see, both parties benefited from the exchange, and both were willing to part with what they had to get what the other had to trade. To say that the business, alone, should now “give something back” is unacceptable.

If there are inequities, or people feel they are owed something from these “greedy, rich corporations,” maybe the people in the community should just hold on to their money, do without or make the things they would normally buy, and then reassess their situation at a later date (yeah, that’ll happen. lol).

The only “greedy” people I see here are those who unjustly feel that they are owed something, especially after they follow through with a completely voluntary exchange.


AIG Bonuses & Government

Concerning the bailouts, and current “outrage” over AIG compensation packages, I have to say that I’m surprised by the people who pushed for these bailouts, since they voted for the legislation that protects the compensation packages. If they say they didn’t know, or didn’t read the legislation before voting on it, they should be removed from office for incompetence.

Barney Franks says that the money should be taken and given back to the rightful owners, “The People” – but if The People are the rightful owners of the money, where did he get the idea that he and his government partners in crime could take the money, and then give it to someone else, in the first place? Either Barney Frank is lacking in the intelligence department, or he’s simply a political game player and opportunist. I tend to believe it’s a combination of the two.

The country seems to be up in arms over how the money is being used, where it’s going and who is getting it, when this massive transfer of wealth shouldn’t have happened in the first place!

Democrat officials, along with President Obama, have used the word “greed” in referencing the AIG situation, but it is liberal/socialist/progressive policy that is founded on greed and jealousy. Liberals/socialists/progressives use government to steal from those who are prosperous and successful, because they covet what others have accumulated. If that isn’t greed, I hope that someone will enlighten me.

When these people spout words like “greed” or “fair,” I think “hypocrite” and “thief” and tune them out. I can’t listen to their self-centered nonsense.

No one in the whole bailout mess is innocent – not government officials, not the businesses who received the stolen money and certainly not the majority of People who have allowed a system of institutionalized slavery and theft to develop and control every single aspect of our lives – so they should all shut up and stop playing the victim card and pointing fingers.

I hope someone will develop warp drive very soon, because I really want to get off this rock and colonize a far-away area of space with other non-self-destructive, enlightened, peaceful people.