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The Voting Booth – A Suggestion Box for Slaves

“If you don’t vote, you can’t complain” is one of the most ridiculous, illogical statements I’ve ever heard. The only people who rightfully can complain are those who choose not to be a part of the political process.

Many people who have decided not to vote have awakened to the realization that the people they “elect” will be expected to initiate force against their friends, family and neighbors–a criminal activity–and those non-voters have chosen not to be an accessory to crime.

To those who claim to be a part of the “freedom movement,” please understand that you shouldn’t have to band with others to petition ‘Master’ (government) for your freedom. The system’s very nature is to control; that’s what government does. So, to ask people who gravitate to positions of power and control to please not exercise power and control over you is a waste of time–actually, it’s dangerous and counterproductive.

When you cast a vote, regardless of your intentions, you are helping to perpetuate and legitimize the system. By doing so, you are giving other people–typically an unenlightened majority–the opportunity to vote for things with which you disagree. Also, the votes cast may not even be the true results, but as long as masses of people show up to the polls the outcomes can be manipulated fairly easily.

And what has voting gotten you, anyway? Do you have more freedom than you parents enjoyed? How about less taxation? A stronger economy? More opportunities for enterprise and prosperity? More privacy? Less government intrusion into your life?

Every election cycle, we hear the people cry to “Vote the rascals out!” What has that done for the country? It’s given us increased taxation, a destroyed economy, a worthless currency, more surveillance cameras, militarized police, Homeland Security, email and Internet monitoring, cellphone tracking, more required licenses and permits (permission from a pay-off), molestation of our kids and spouses at airports, more checkpoints, more wars, more invasions, more murder, more destruction, more angry world neighbors…and on and on.

Because you voted, this is what you have received–regardless of what you wanted. YOU are the only one who cannot complain, because you enabled it by participating!

Voting doesn’t ensure success, anyway, regardless of the vote total.

I’ve sat through meetings and watched government officials hear 95% of people in a room say “No!” only to watch the officials vote “yes.” They know you’ll just complain to your friends, write an angry letter to the newspaper editor (which probably won’t get printed, anyway), and post an angry status update on Facebook–and then you’ll get over it and forget, because your kid’s soccer game, or going clubbing, is more important than the risk involved with running these officials out of town. As a politician once stated, “You can complain all you want, as long as you pay your taxes.”

The only way to truly bring about change is to STOP VOTING and participating in the system. Operate outside of it, as much as possible. End all support for it. When support is gone, there will be no system left to manipulate.

And Libertarians should take note: Government is borne of an entitlement mentality. Even if you want a “small,” “limited,” or “Constitutional” government (something that has never been and never will be), you are saying that you feel entitled to some government function and you feel that others should be forced to pay for it (taxation). Sorry, but that’s a socialist mindset–certainly not freedom–and it makes you no better than the other socialists (Rs & Ds) who are destroying the country. You all want to steal and spend the wealth of others; you just differ on how much to take, from whom to take it and where it should be spent.

Break free from the Matrix. Think outside the box. Overcome your conditioning. Be what you want to see in others. And, please, stop helping to perpetuate a slavery system!

(What is government, anyway? Read this and have your eyes opened, further: )


Constitutional Rights

When I engage in a political discussion, if someone says something about “Constitutional rights” he/she is instantly dismissed, in my mind. Sorry, but I can’t take anyone seriously who actually believes that “rights” come from some words written on a piece of parchment, by some deceased dudes who wore fake, powdered hair pieces.

There are no such things as “Constitutional rights.” Men, and their pieces of ink-stained paper, do not grant any “rights.”

Let’s be honest about the meaning of a “right.” Simply speaking, “rights” are entitlements.

I hear many people regularly state that there’s a “right” to education, healthcare and housing–and, now, I’m even hearing commercials for debt consolidation companies stating that you have a “right” to settle your credit card debt “for less than you owe.” What these people don’t seem to understand is that the use of force to get these things is completely unacceptable and has nothing to do with any kind of inherent “right.”

For example, no one should impede you in your desire to learn new things, schedule a medical procedure, or build/pay for a place in which to live (though government often gets in the way and screws things up). You cross the line when you feel someone else should be forced to pay for your books, tuition, school buildings, house/apartment, or chemotherapy–basically, socialism. You have no “right” to anything that someone else must be forced to provide.

Let’s look specifically at healthcare, for a moment.

Of course, you should be able to secure the help of a physician when you have healthcare needs, but a physician should not be forced to give you use of his time, talents, tools, hands, or knowledge that he spent years acquiring–and paying for. You do not own the doctor, so you have no “right” to his labor.

In my opinion, there are only what are sometimes referred to as “negative rights.” In other words, no one has a right to tell me how I can live, what I can say, where I can work, where I can travel, how I can use my time or talents, etc. To do so, is enslaving–and for a country that claims to love freedom so much, you would think all the talk of rights and using force would be a non-issue. Sadly, that’s not the case.

The next time someone talks of “rights” coming from an old piece of paper, written by deceased men, set them straight and remember: Free people don’t need “rights.”


Fair is the new F-word

For the last few months, the Fair Housing Alliance and the Ad Council have been running a commercial on talk radio networks praising diversity and celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Fair Housing Act–and I’m angered and disgusted, every time I hear it.

The Fair Housing Act is anything but “fair”; it forces those who own rental property to rent to people with whom they may have no desire to do business. Force is never fair.

Basically, the Fair Housing Act is an entitlement program that is helping to force “diversity” on the citizens of this country, whether they like it or not. Personally, I think it’s great to have friends and business associates from different walks of life, but I don’t want them forced down my throat.

Also, there is widespread speculation that the “diversity” movement is working to blend different types of people, in order to eventually end borders and destroy national identities. See “Security and Prosperity Partnership” ( for a government-backed plan to turn North America into another European Union.

“Fair” is the new f-word, and it has become a favorite of socialists who craftily take advantage of an ignorant, emotional citizenry to secure more entitlements and distribute more wealth.

There’s nothing “fair” about the Fair Housing Act, and certainly nothing to celebrate.