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The Fairness Doctrine

The “Fairness Doctrine” is being pushed by liberals/progressives/socialists, because they feel that their views aren’t being given fair coverage in talk radio. The policy would mandate that conservative talk radio give equal time to the opposing viewpoints.

It doesn’t matter that the socialist viewpoint overwhelmingly rules television networks and the vast majority of newspapers. No, they have to have it all.

A liberal talk radio network was tried, and it went into bankruptcy, because you can’t expect people who are looking for a handout to financially support that kind of business. Because the venture tanked, socialists have to use force to get their views heard where they aren’t welcome.

So, with all this “fairness” in mind, I have one question: Will equal time be given to the anarchist view that opposes both liberal and conservative viewpoints, or does “fairness” only apply to liberals and conservatives? Since we are trying to be “fair,” shouldn’t equal time be given to the view that this liberal/conservative, Republican/Democrat institution of slavery and theft should not exist, in the first place?

If this (horrid, ridiculous, freedom-trampling, radio welfare handout) measure passes, I’ll be waiting for the invitation to use their own policy of forced inclusion against them by using common sense to mop the floor with all of their Establishment ideas – live, on-air.