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History Channel Propaganda

I watched Crash – The Next Great Depression? on The History Channel, Sunday afternoon. It compared The Great Depression to our current economic situation, and I was shocked by the obvious liberal bias in the program.

Maybe it’s just me but I feel that there’s been a shift in programming style on The History Channel, over the last few months. Not long ago, THC featured great war documentaries, exposes, early scholar works, inventions, etc., but in my opinion things have shifted to natural disasters and how man has been killing the planet. Sorry, but if I want that kind of garbage I can turn on CNN, Sci-Fi Channel (another disappointment) or Turner Broadcasting.

During “Crash,” I heard “unfettered Capitalism” more than once, and other things such as “concentration of wealth,” “largely unregulated economy,” “rich got richer,” etc. They even threw in a veiled jab at George Bush (no sympathy from me, but still…). It was obvious to me that the program was praising FDR, Obama and government intervention in the marketplace, and suggesting that we need the same kind of government intrusion and control that was instituted in the ’30s.

The program also mentioned such things as government fixing the economy (don’t get me started on that one…), FDR’s New Deal offered “bold solutions,” Obama has surrounded himself with some of the “brightest financial minds,” FDR’s Democrats took control in 1932 and the “whole country was lifted, Obama has called for an economic stimulus plan, FDR’s public works programs helped to rebuild the country, FDR’s regulations and social safety net programs helped the people of the country, blah, blah.

In addition, there was also mention that we may have to “rethink” our current economic system, that we can’t go back to the old banking system, and the current economic downturn may spell the end of the “American era” of dominance in the marketplace.

In a nutshell, it was praise for socialism and hatred for Capitalism and the rich–and the same crap that the socialists in government have been stating, so they can convince us that their push to move us more in the direction of Communism is good for all of us.

FYI: Communism has never worked, and will not work in the US.

The powers that be, and the liberal media that cater to them, seem to be attempting to get the People to believe that Capitalism and the “free market” has failed in the US. That would be true if we actually had Capitalism and a free market in the US. Socialists love to confuse people when it comes to Capitalism and Corporatism.

Free exchange between free, consenting individuals is pure Capitalism. Corporatism involves government-created, regulated and controlled, limited-liability entities called Corporations. Corporatism is what we have, not Capitalism.

With Corporatism, government regularly destroys business and employment opportunities through taxes, fees, fines, permits, impact studies, zoning, public-private partnerships, OSHA, EPA, etc.

Pure Capitalism is a truly free market. Corporatism is a regulated and controlled market.

If you want to blame someone or something for the economic collapse, blame your government goons for running the market into the ground. And as long as you allow government–and another Corporation, the Federal Reserve–to manipulate the currency and destroy your wealth, you will continue to see these collapses every so often, so new socialistic mechanisms and programs can be easily instituted (thanks, government schools)–and government transfers of wealth from the commoners to the elite will continue.

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